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In the interest of COVID-19 safety, the Academy is operating with a reduced residential community for the 2020–21 Fellowship season. As restrictions in Italy have begun to ease, the Academy is offering a number of apartments to VAVS beginning May 31 through August, 2021.

Please note the following COVID protocols currently in place as of May 13, 2021, and are subject to change based on conditions in Rome:

  • All incoming members of the community must be vaccinated, including VAVS;
  • New arrivals must complete 5-days of self-isolation from the Academy community (but are free to leave the campus and explore Rome);
  • Travelers should plan to arrive on a COVID-free flight to avoid government quarantine measures;
  • The Academy will provide VAVS with a letter of purpose to enter Italy.

We hope to start the full program again in September 2021.

Thank you for your interest and support of the Academy during this time.


This program provides artists and scholars of all nationalities the opportunity to experience the intellectual and artistic freedom, interdisciplinary exchange, and innovation that characterizes Academy life.

Through the program, Visiting Artists and Scholars can rent living and working space at the Academy—joining our vibrant community of Rome Prize winners, Italian Fellows, invited Residents, and our global Affiliated Fellows. People in the following disciplines are encouraged to apply:

  • Arts: architecture, design, historic preservation and conservation, landscape architecture, literature, musical composition, and visual arts
  • Humanities: ancient studies, medieval studies, Renaissance and early modern studies, and modern Italian studies

As members of the community, Visiting Artists and Scholars are granted access to the Academy’s noted resources, including the Library, the Photographic Archive, and the Norton–Van Buren Study Collection. You are invited to participate in our regular Walks and Talks program, subject to space availability, and to attend the Academy’s public events. Participants are welcome to take their lunch and dinners meals in the Academy dining room, at an additional cost. These meals are prepared and served family style by the Academy’s famed Rome Sustainable Food Project.


Applications are accepted year round (online only) and reviewed in Rome by a committee, led by the Academy Director. The application deadlines for specific stay periods are:

  • January 31: May–July
  • May 31: mid-September–late December
  • September 30: January–April

The Academy is closed from August to mid-September, during which time the Visiting Artists and Scholars Program is suspended.

Please review and download the Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions (temporarily removed for 2020–21) for all information noted above and more, including entry visa requirements and which services are and are not provided by the Academy.

Accommodation & Rates

Visiting Artists and Scholars are accommodated in various buildings on the Academy’s eleven-acre property, located on top of the Janiculum Hill.

2019–20 Rates (valid through June 2020)

Single Rooms with Bath: Furnished with a single bed, bedside table, armchair, desk, chair, lamps, and a wardrobe. Cost: €650 per week.

Double rooms with bath: Furnished with a queen-sized bed, bedside tables, armchair, desk, chair, lamps, and a wardrobe. Cost: €800 per week.

Study/bedrooms with bath: Furnished with a sofa bed, armchair, desk, chair, lamps, wardrobe, and a sink. A shared bathroom is directly across the hall. Cost: €500 per week.

Apartments: One-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments are available. Apartments have fully equipped kitchens and come furnished with all essential furniture and items. The rate varies, depending on size and location. One-bedroom apartments range from €900 to €1,000 per week. Two- and three-bedroom apartments range from €1,000 to €1,300 per week. On occasion, apartments located on the grounds of the Villa Aurelia are also available (rates are available upon request).

Studio/suites: These include a sleeping loft integrated within a studio space. The loft is a separate unit, with two small operable skylights, which is enclosed by a wall and windows that look out onto the studio. The sleeping loft contains a queen-sized bed, bedside tables, armchair, desk, chair, and lamps. There is a walk-in closet and a private bath. Read a description of the studios below. Cost: €1,000 per week.

Studios: Located in the McKim, Mead & White Building, the studios are approximately four hundred square feet, with twenty-foot ceilings. Most face north and are filled with beautiful natural light. Studios are equipped with essentials: work/drafting tables and chairs, easels, desk, sofa beds, and a sink. No power tools are available. The walls are outfitted with fiber wall boards for pinning-up work. Occasionally, smaller studios, although limited in number, are available outside the main building and have limited natural light. All studios are intended for work purposes only—they are not suitable for residential use. Cost: €450 per week.