Detail of the cover of volume 65 of the Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome

AAR pubblica un nuovo numero nella serie Memoirs

L’AAR e la University of Michigan Press hanno appena pubblicato il volume 65 delle Memorie dell’American Academy in Rome.

La studiosa Margaret Laird scelta come curatrice delle Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome

Margaret L. Laird, studiosa indipendente le cui ricerche si concentrano sull’arte romana e sull’archeologia del periodo imperiale e membro del Rome Prize nel 2000, è stata nominata curatrice per un triennio delle Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome.

Rome Prize Winners 2

Annuncio dei vincitori del Premio Roma 2021–22 e dei borsisti italiani

Quest’anno, il dono del “tempo e spazio per pensare e lavorare” è stato assegnato a trentacinque artisti e studiosi americani e cinque italiani, che riceveranno ciascuno uno stipendio, uno spazio di lavoro e vitto e alloggio presso il campus di undici acri dell’Accademia di Roma, a partire da settembre 2021.

Tomaso De Luca - Quadriennale 2824

Le chiavi del castello: Intervista a Tomaso De Luca

Leslie Cozzi (Fellow 2018) intervista l’artista Tomaso De Luca (Italian Fellow 2017), i cui lavori sono esposti a Roma alla Quadriennale d’arte e al MAXXI.

Color photograph of the face of Marla Stone

È Marla Stone la nuova Andrew W. Mellon Humanities Professor

Marla Stone, docente di Storia Moderna Europea all’Occidental College e Rome Prize Fellow 1996 per gli Studi Umanistici Post-Classici, sarà la prossima Andrew W. Mellon Humanities Professor presso l’American Academy in Rome.

Screenshot of a video title that says "Please meet our 2020 Rome Prize and Italian Fellows" in white letters against a gold square

Ha riaperto l’American Academy in Rome

L’AAR è oltremodo grata di riaprire per l’ennesima stagione e dare il benvenuto alla nostra nuova classe di vincitori del Rome Prize e Italian Fellows nella Città Eterna.

Color photograph of tiled floors, arched columns, and staircase that make up the interior entrance to AAR’s McKim Mead & White Building

Annuncio dei residenti della primavera 2021

L’American Academy in Rome è lieta di annunciare la sua lista di residenti per il 2021.

Ricordando Jackie Saccoccio

L’American Academy in Rome ricorda l’artista Jackie Saccoccio (Fellow 2005), scomparsa il 4 dicembre.

AAR riceve un importante dono di fotografie di antichi siti romani di Carole Raddato

La fotografa Carole Raddato ha donato il nucleo della sua vasta collezione, circa 30.000 immagini digitali, alla Biblioteca AAR per garantirne la conservazione a lungo termine e l’accesso continuo agli studiosi.

Color photograph of the Arthur Ross Reading Room showing bookcases, desks, and a candelabra sculpture in the central walkway

Riapre la biblioteca AAR

La biblioteca dell’Accademia Americana di Roma riaprirà agli studiosi il 2 novembre.

Color portrait of the head and shoulders of Sanjaya Thakur, standing in front of Cossitt Hall and wearing a dark suit, white shirt, and yellow striped tie

Sanjaya Thakur è il nuovo direttore della Scuola estiva classica

Sanjaya Thakur, professore associato e presidente del Dipartimento di studi classici del Colorado College, è stata nominata direttrice della Scuola estiva classica dell'AAR.

Encounters Preface - Julie Mehretu

Encounters: A Preface

Encounters I and II are part of a year-long series of events commemorating the institution’s 125th anniversary. The exhibitions trace only a few representative examples of the many interdisciplinary encounters fostered by the Academy from 1948 to the present.

2020-21 Rome Prize Winners and Italian Fellows C

New Rome Prize Winners and Italian Fellows

This year, fellowships were awarded to twenty-two North American and two Italian artists and scholars, who will each receive a stipend, workspace, and room and board for a period of five to seven months at the Academy’s eleven-acre campus in Rome.

Graphic logo for Black Lives Matter with black letters on a yellow square

Black Lives Matter

In the midst of a global pandemic that has disproportionately affected communities of color, racially motivated violence is a reminder that systemic racism still persists.

For the Ages

For the Ages

Since 1894, the Academy has been a nurturing home to a vibrant community of hundreds of distinguished scholars and artists. In this issue, we celebrate AAR’s 125th anniversary by looking back at some of the Fellows and their work.

Visualizing Change at “Cinque Mostre 2020: Convergence”

A video installation by the preservationist Matthew Brennan and the designer Eugenia Morpurgo, on view during Cinque Mostre 2020 earlier this year, featured a condensed version of their vision of a landscape after 2,100 years of climate change.

Multicolored abstract painting that resembles spinning wheel and gears

Encounters: An Introduction

In celebration of the Academy’s 125th anniversary, the exhibitions Encounters I: Abstracting Rome and Encounters II: The Activist Gesture investigate the enduring impact of the city of Rome as a dynamic creative laboratory through a series of interdisciplinary exchanges.

Encounters - Eugene Berman display

Encounters I: Abstracting Rome

Encounters I identifies the abstracting techniques resulting from three historic encounters; the second part traces how those techniques are employed in recent contemporary works responding to pressing social and political issues in the United States.

Encounters - J. Meejin Yoon Inner Wall

Encounters II: The Activist Gesture

Pairing the artist Julie Mehretu and the architect J. Meejin Yoon, Encounters II explores the role of abstract forms and gestural mark making as indices and agents of social and political change in contemporary American society.

In Memoriam: Nancy O’Boyle

Nancy Millar O’Boyle, a member of the American Academy in Rome’s Board of Trustees from 1985 to 2011, died on March 25, 2020. She was one week shy of her 89th birthday.

Color photograph of the front gates of the American Academy in Rome

AAR to Close Rome Campus Early, on April 3

In consideration of the safety of those residing in Rome and the institution as a whole, we have made the difficult decision to close the Academy’s campus on April 3.

Color portrait of the head and shoulders of Henry Cobb

In Memoriam: Henry N. Cobb

The modernist architect Henry N. Cobb, an AAR Trustee Emeritus and a 1992 Resident, has died. He was 93 years old.

Cinque Mostre 2020 - Samiya Bashir

Art, Video, and Live Performance Converge in Rome

Hundreds of people filled AAR’s courtyard, cryptoporticus, library, and galleries to view artists and performers showcase their work and explore this year’s theme, “Convergence.”

Color photograph of the head and torso of Avinoam Shalem, wearing a blue shirt and a charcoal blazer and standing against a sandy-colored wall

Avinoam Shalem è stato nominato 24° direttore dell’American Academy in Rome

Lo storico ed educatore Avinoam Shalem (Resident 2016) è stato nominato 24° direttore dell’American Academy in Rome.

Cinque Mostre 2020: Convergence

Convergence is the theme of the 2020 edition of Cinque Mostre, AAR’s annual collective exhibition featuring work by current Rome Prize Fellows, Italian and Affiliated Fellows, and invited artists.

Danielle Allen and Theaster Gates

An Egalitarian Empowerment of a Citizenry

Political philosopher Danielle Allen and visual artist Theaster Gates picked up on this year’s Academy theme, “Encounters,” to delve into a conversation on democracy, art, and social activism.

Black and white photograph of the head and shoulders of Michael I. Sovern

In Memoriam: Michael I. Sovern

Michael Sovern, a law professor and former president of Columbia University who chaired the Academy’s Board of Trustees from 1994 to 2005, died on January 20. He was 88 years old.

Encounters - Philip Guston installation

Conversation with Peter Benson Miller about “Encounters I”

Claudia Trezza spoke with Peter Benson Miller, curator of Encounters I, about his ideas for the exhibition, which investigates the enduring impact of the city of Rome as a dynamic creative laboratory through a series of interdisciplinary exchanges.

After Charlottesville - 4

Shift, Press, Nudge, Needle

Three leaders in art, architecture, and culture—Julie Mehretu, J. Meejin Yoon, and Adam Weinberg—sat down for an incisive conversation at the American Academy in Rome last month.

Color photograph of eleven men and women who spoke at the conference, standing in a row on an outdoor patio at the Academy

Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future

The fall conference in Rome, The Academy as a Mirror of Change, explored AAR’s evolution and featured a stellar line-up of speakers celebrating 125 years of art and culture.