Sulla società

Color photograph of an art installation in a McKim Mead & White Building studio with a grassy floor and bathed in red light. Two people are seated on small bulbous seats, as a third person washes one of their feet. Coiled incense hangs from the ceiling, and numerous candles burn on a grid of small shelves on one wall.


The Society of Fellows is a century-year-old organization whose membership is comprised of those who have been awarded a Fellowship, Affiliated Fellowship, or Residency at the American Academy in Rome. Prize winners become members upon completing their residence at the Academy.

Those whose prizes were awarded through the Academy are given the title Fellow of the American Academy in Rome (FAAR) followed by the year their residence was completed. Those whose prizes came from an affiliated institution are Affiliated Fellows (AFAAR). Senior artists and scholars who were invited to spend a period residing at the Academy are officially called Residents and carry the title RAAR. These three titles are granted in perpetuity.

The mission of the Society of Fellows is to nurture and maintain the camaraderie and exchange of ideas amongst Fellows and Residents that made the Academy experience in Rome so extraordinary and unique. This aim is achieved by fostering a lifelong network that not only supports the mission of the American Academy in Rome but also seeks opportunities for individuals to create meaningful engagement, increased awareness, pride, participation, and volunteer involvement.

It shall be the Society of Fellows’s purpose to:

  • Act as a liaison and strengthen ties between the Fellows and the American Academy
  • Develop events, programs, and communications that build ties among Fellows and support their interests across the Academy’s varied disciplines.
  • Use the creative and scholarly talents of Fellows to grow the cultural and academic activities of the Academy in the United States, Italy, and throughout the world.

The organization is governed by eighteen Fellows and Residents who represent the various fields of study offered at the Academy.


Members of the SOF Council are elected to fill two- and four-year terms on a rolling basis as needed to fill vacancies. The council appoints a Nominating Committee, which includes a chair (who is a member of the council) and four members who are not on the council. This committee solicits nominations from active members and draws up a slate for election as officers and members of the council, representing each discipline and at least one newly returned Fellow.

Those interested in serving on the council can send an email to sof [at]


Phu Hoang, 2017 Fellow in Architecture
Visiting Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, Columbia University; and Owner, MODU


Paul Arpaia, 2008 Fellow in Modern Italian Studies
Professor of History, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Interim Treasurer

Kelly D. Powell, 2002 Fellow in Architecture
Founder of 222 East Society, New York

Council Members 2019–23

Thomas J. Campanella, 2011 Fellow in Design
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Cornell University
Communications and Outreach

Hamlett Dobbins, 2014 Fellow in Visual Arts
Artist, Memphis, Tennessee
Communications and Outreach

Elizabeth Fain LaBombard, 2014 Fellow in Landscape Architecture
Principal, Land and Urban Planning, Walt Disney Imagineering
Co-Chair of Membership and Initiatives

Molissa Fenley, 2008 Fellow in Design
Owner, Molissa Fenley and Company
Co-Chair of Programs and Events

Meisha Hunter Burkett, 2007 Fellow in Historic Preservation and Conservation
Senior Preservationist, Li/Saltzman Architects
Co-Chair of Membership and Initiatives

Dave King, 2007 Fellow in Literature
Novelist, Brooklyn, New York
Membership and Initiatives

Council Members 2021–25

Sean Anderson, 2005 Fellow in Modern Italian Studies
Associate Curator, Department of Architecture and Design, Museum of Modern Art
Co-Chair, Programs and Events

Caroline Cheung, 2017 Fellow in Ancient Studies
Assistant Professor, Department of Classics, Princeton University
Membership and Initiatives

Robert Clines, 2017 Fellow in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies
Assistant Professor of History and International Studies, Western Carolina University
Co-Chair, Communications and Outreach

Kevin Dicus, 2017 Fellow in Ancient Studies
Assistant Professor, Department of Classics, University of Oregon
Membership and Initiatives

Javier Galindo, 2016 Fellow in Architecture
Senior Associate Principal, Kohn Pedersen Fox, New York
Communications and Outreach

Andrew Horne, 2017 Fellow in Ancient Studies
Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago
Co-Chair, Communications and Outreach

Annalisa Metta, 2017 Italian Fellow in Landscape Architecture
Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, Roma Tre University
Programs and Events

Enrico Riley, 2017 Fellow in Visual Arts
Professor of Studio Art, Dartmouth College
Programs and Events

Anna Serotta, 2015 Fellow in Historic Preservation and Conservation
Associate Conservator, Department of Objects Conservation, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Programs and Events

Lori Wong, 2019 Fellow in Historic Preservation and Conservation
Conservator, Building and Sites Department, Getty Conservation Institute
Membership and Initiatives

Comitato comunicazioni & sensibilizzazione

The Communications and Outreach Committee fosters the network of Fellows and Residents after their return from Rome. The committee’s communication activities include sharing news, publicizing accomplishments, and maintaining online networks. The committee also conducts outreach to foster disciplinary relationships and make connections. If you want to share recent news or suggest outreach, please contact us at SOFcomms.outreach [at]


Robert Clines
Andrew Horne

Comitato membri & iniziative

The Membership and Initiatives Committee identifies alumni needs and interests that facilitate meaningful engagement after returning from Fellowships and Residencies. Initiatives encourage member participation by sharing knowledge gained while in Rome. The committee also conducts special initiatives that provide connections to disciplinary organizations in the arts and humanities. If you would like to share knowledge or make suggestions, please contact us at SOFmembership [at]


Elizabeth Fain-LaBombard
Meisha Hunter Burkett

Comitato programmi & eventi

The Programs and Events Committee organizes programs that showcase the recent work of Fellows and Residents. The Gatherings series are intimate, local tours organized around alumni concerts, book launches, exhibitions, openings, readings, etc. The Tuesday Talks series are public online discussions between leaders in the arts and humanities. SALONE!, an upcoming live performance and video event will occur on November 8, 2021, at Roulette in Brooklyn, New York. Tickets can be purchased here. If you would like to suggest a Gatherings or Tuesday Talks program, please contact us at [at]


Sean Anderson
Molissa Fenley


You may contact the group by writing to: Society of Fellows, American Academy in Rome, 7 East 60th Street, New York, NY 10022; or sof [at] You may also call 212-751-7200.