Evan A. MacCarthy & David Brooks

Monday, March 23, 2020–6:00 PM
AAR Lecture Room
Via Angelo Masina, 5
Rome, Italy

David Brooks, A Proverbial Machine in the Garden, 2013, Dynahoe tractor, concrete, earth, landscape, and steel grating, approximately 66 x 28 x 12 ft. (artwork © David Brooks)



Evan A. MacCarthy
Eclipsing the Labors of All before Him: Ugolino Urbevetano’s Guide to the Musical Universe

This shoptalk introduces an early fifteenth-century encyclopedic treatise on the speculative and practical natures of music and its author, the priest, composer, and singer Ugolino Urbevetano (d. 1453). Through an examination of the text’s sources, dating from the sixth, eleventh, and fourteenth centuries CE, and its later readers—most especially Franchino Gaffurio (1451–1522), a music theorist, composer, and friend of Leonardo da Vinci, and Giambattista Martini (1706–1784), a Franciscan antiquarian scholar and music teacher—we illuminate more clearly the intellectual foundations of musical science in the early Renaissance as well as its reception for centuries to come.

Evan A. MacCarthy is the National Endowment for the Humanities Rome Prize Fellow in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies and assistant professor of musicology in the School of Music at West Virginia University.

David Brooks
Spaces, Species, and Situations

In light of Rome’s unique relationship between the individual and the built and natural environments, David Brooks will discuss past projects that contextualize his inquiries while at the American Academy in Rome. Understanding that the division of culture from nature is an ideological construction, much of this research examines the causes and effects of ecological crisis and the cultural impasse it represents, and questions the terms under which nature is perceived and utilized.

Brooks is a Rome Prize Fellow in Visual Arts. He is an artist based in New York and New Orleans, and is on the faculty of the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore.

The shoptalks will be held in English.