Incontri AIAC – Ricostruire la vita attraverso la morte

Monday, February 24, 2020–4:00 PM
AAR Lecture Room
Via Angelo Masina, 5
Rome, Italy
Incontri AIAC - Ricostruire la vita attraverso la morte

Incontri AIAC - Ricostruire la vita attraverso la morte

The American Academy in Rome will host a panel presentation of the Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica/International Association for Classical Archaeology (AIAC), in that organization’s longstanding Incontri series.

Founded in Rome in 1945, AIAC aims to facilitate international collaboration among classical archaeologists through coordinating conferences and congresses of classical archeology. It also serves in Rome as the principal clearinghouse for information on archaeology-related scholarly events. AIAC publishes Fasti Online, the premier international database for archaeological excavations in thirteen countries in the territory of the former Roman Empire (including, of course, Italy), which in turn continues its print Fasti Archaeologici (published 1948–87). Since 2000, AIAC also has organized a series of monthly Incontri in Rome, where young scholars from Italian universities and the many foreign institutes in the city can present their research.

The theme for this evening will be Ricostruire la vita attraverso la morte, moderated by Antonio F. Ferrandes (Sapienza – Università di Roma). Presenting on the AIAC program will be:

  • Mattia Bischeri (Sapienza – Università di Roma), “Contributo allo studio del territorio di Chiusi. La necropoli di Tolle: seriazione dei contesti, analisi tipologica dei materiali, rituali funerari tra età orientalizzante e età arcaica”
  • Courtney Ward (Istituto di Norvegia in Roma), “Unearthing Buried Identity: Skeletal and Jewellery Finds from Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Oplontis”
  • Victoria Moses (American Academy in Rome), “Diet and Economy in Early Latium: Zooachaeology at Gabii (8th–6th Centuries BCE)”

The presentations will be held in Italian and English.

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